Office Cleaning Services

For many people, their office is like their second home. We understand how important a clean and neat office is for both your clients and your employees. A well presented office showcases your brand and values from the moment they walk in the door. Creating healthy work spaces also plays an important role in staff productivity and minimising the cost of absenteeism. An investment in high quality professional office cleaning services will provide your business with long term benefits. Realm Property Cleaning Services offer regular office cleaning and janitorial services, as well as one-off thorough office cleaning.

Office Cleaning Melbourne

It’s nice to leave the office each night knowing that tomorrow brings a fresh start. Often, it is the little things you notice when you arrive that can make or break your focus and resolve for the new day. Little things like tidy office areas, empty rubbish bins, sparkling clean windows and partitions, a spotless reception area, and sanitised toilet and kitchenette areas. A quick look at the carpets shows there are no carry-over stains or rubbish from yesterday. Little things – but all important. Our mission – “Cleansing All Dimensions” stems from our understanding of the importance of environmental factors on mental performance and clarity. As professional office cleaners, we can help you make your workplace a space for healthy and productive collaboration.

Realm Property Cleaning Services delivers full-service office cleaning services Melbourne businesses appreciate. Not only do we strive to meet your expectations, we also seek to go the extra mile. We cleanse your offices so they sparkle like they were our own. Each visit, our dedicated cleaning staff move through your offices, systematically and efficiently dusting and wiping all furnishings, emptying all rubbish bins, wiping and polishing all glass partitions, vacuuming the carpets and non-carpeted areas. Our cleaners carefully remove stains and marks on carpets which are also deep steam-cleaned on a pre-agreed frequency. No harsh chemical smells and no damage to the local environment.

We are proud of our range of environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products. We use the latest cleaning methods that remove contaminants from your work environment, rather than just spread them around. The result is a less toxic, healthier environment for your staff and ours.

Inside and Out

As Melbourne’s commercial window cleaning experts, we can clean your office windows and partitions, both inside and out. Our skilled cleaners use a number of innovative tools and processes. This empowers them to complete their work faster, more safely, and without sacrificing thoroughness. These productivity gains allow us to pass on savings that make our prices the most competitive in Melbourne. We us advanced cleaning equipment like Australian-designed ‘Wagtail Pivot’articulated cleaning blade to reach into all corners and quickly wipe off water leaving the glass streak-free.

For external cleaning of upper-storey office windows and light wells, we use the Reach and Wash system. Office window cleaning used to be an expensive and risky operation, involving elevated work platforms, ladders and sometimes abseiling equipment. The Reach and Wash system enables us to clean windows up as high as 72ft (22 metres), using purified water, from the safety of ground level.

Specialist Office Cleaning Services

The size of your office will not affect the level of service we will provide. We cater for small as well as large offices and we make sure that you are satisfied with the cleaning service we offer. In fact, besides the regular janitorial services, such as washing the floors and dusting the office furniture we also cater for other more specialised office cleaning needs. For example, where your office areas do not have fitted carpets, we can seal the floor. We can also provide high pressure cleaning of car park areas, cobweb removal, and building facade washing services.

Our extensive staff training and advanced commercial window cleaning systems help us deliver the office cleaning services Melbourne wants, efficiently and with the least amount of disruption to your work day. Realm Property Cleaning Services welcomes the opportunity to quote for part or all of your office cleaning services. We are we keen to serve and offer competitive prices.  Contact us now for more information on our office cleaning services, or get in touch for a free quote.