Founded in 2006, Realm Property Cleaning services are a professional commercial cleaning company and window cleaning specialists. We are committed to providing our clients with a full suite of cleaning services – backed by over 10 years of industry experience. As a result, Realm have become Melbourne’s go-to specialists for window cleaning, facade washing, gutter vacuuming and property cleaning services.

The Realm Property Cleaning Services Difference

We are driven to provide boutique and comprehensive property cleaning services that are tailored to your unique property requirements. Because our cleaning solutions are innovative, efficient and safe, we can deliver outstanding results at competitive rates.

Realm PCS are experts in the use of the revolutionary Reach and Wash system and purified water technology. As a result of the advancement in carbon fibre production, we have seen major improvements in safety and efficiency when working at heights. In addition to these developments in access solutions, spot free window cleaning is now possible thanks to water purification equipment. Because we are industry leaders, Realm PCS have invested heavily in these systems. We now operate state of the art van mounted systems all over Melbourne and Victoria.


Cleansing All Dimensions

We understand the importance of a clean and safe environment, and the impact this has on the health and well being of all who live, work and play in it. From the mental clarity of a clean office space, to the lasting impact of pristine wild environments. As a result, we aim to deliver clean environments for healthy and productive lives.


Innovation & Efficiency

We embrace innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, that are efficient and deliver outstanding results. Furthermore, we invest in specialised, industry leading equipment and train our staff accordingly.


Safety & Environment

The safety of our team and yours is paramount in all our decisions. In addition, we are committed to environmentally friendly solutions. As a result, we embrace the cleaning power of pure water wherever possible. We also use our own specially formulated cleaning products that are great for the environment.

Just some of our happy clients

  • If you are considering engaging Realm Property Services, rest assured that like my experience the professionalism, procedures and end results far exceeded our expectations. Thanks Realm  
    Gordon Cornish
    Blue Tongue Industries
  • Please pass on to the window cleaner that the young man who came today at 8am - is just finishing now @ 5pm & very obliging... we are well pleased & he's done a hard day's work.
    MBCM Frankston
  • Andrew, Great job yesterday, Your staff were so polite to work with, Windows are sparkling, our view just got better. Call again for cleaning first week of September. Thanks
    Domestic Client
  • Wanted to pass on some feedback from a client in the building - "Just wanted to say how impressed we have been with this company, professional, courteous and took care to do a good job." A great comment to hear back from an OC managers perspective! Well done
    Dixon Kestles & Co Pty Ltd


Are you searching for a professional cleaning service? With a system of training and certification that ensures a quality job every time?

With a decade of experience, Realm PCS have developed the specific skills required for a wide range of cleaning tasks. We take a best of breed approach to our cleaning systems. Because we use the latest cleaning technology across all our services, you get superior results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our dedicated team are fully trained on the comprehensive range of specialised equipment needed to get your job done. As a result of our investment and training, Realm PCS are the Reach and Wash window cleaning specialists in Melbourne. As well as window cleaning equipment, we use cutting-edge gutter vacuuming systems, high pressure cleaners, concrete pressure washers, carpet cleaners and just about every cleaning tool imaginable.

Are you looking for a company that actually handles all aspects of your project in house, without subcontracting those specialist tasks?

Keeping track of your project, no matter how big or small, is easier when you have a single point of contact. As a result, you have one person to call who coordinates all your cleaning needs. Let us help you reduce the risk of multiple contractors and the associated administrative workload.

Do you need a company that has developed a site management and safety coordination plan?

Because safety is important to you, the safety of your site, staff and the public is at the forefront of all our work. Realm property cleaning services create comprehensive site management and safety coordination plans including Safe Working Method Statements (SWMS) for every project. Staff undertake toolbox meetings for EVERY job.

The safety of our staff and the public are central to our work method. Because of this, we are leaders in implementing best practice cleaning systems. For example, we use the Reach & WashⓇ pure water system for many window cleaning jobs. Our window cleaners use telescopic water fed poles and can reach and clean windows up to a height of 24m (80ft), from the safety of the ground – thereby removing the risk of working at height.

Are you looking for competitive quotes that represent real value?

Our service delivery stems from a strong company service culture grounded in the work ethic of our dedicated team, and the pride we take in a job well done. We use the best cleaning equipment in the business. Because of this, our prices are competitive . We take a professional approach to every job, small or large. As a result, we work faster, not by cutting corners, but through efficient work practices. Contact us now to experience the Realm difference.

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