Window Cleaning Services

Realm Property Cleaning services are Melbourne’s window cleaning professionals. Whether you represent lifestyle precincts, aged-care facilities, schools, hospitals, owners corporations, builders, developers, commercial facilities or residential properties; we provide a comprehensive suite of window cleaning services. For the boutique and architectural homes that adorn Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, we provide window cleaning services for those magnificent, and often inaccessible, bay view windows! Realm PCS are THE specialists for window cleaning Melbourne.

Window Cleaning Services

Windows looking a little dull? – Let us brighten up your view! We use the latest in pure water technology and the Reach and Wash water-fed system. This revolutionary system allows us to clean otherwise inaccessible windows, up to 72ft,  from the safety of the ground. In addition to being efficient, our system is green and chemical free. Another benefit of using the power of pure ultra-filtered water to remove dirt, dust and grime. Your glass is left crystal clear and streak free. Because there is no chemical residue – your windows stay cleaner for even longer. Inside and out, commercial or residential – Realm property cleaning services are your experts for window cleaning Melbourne.

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Window Cleaning Melbourne

Our success when it comes to window cleaning in Melbourne is transparent – we maintain a firm commitment to providing only the highest quality cleaning services. We’re not happy unless you’re happy. The team at Realm PCS are immensely proud of our reputation as industry leading window cleaners. We offer a full range of window washing services for homes, residential complexes and commercial properties across Melbourne:

  • Office & Commercial
  • Lifestyle Precincts, Strata & Body Corporate
  • Aged-care & Retirement Facilities
  • Hospital & Medical Facilities
  • Education & Child Care
  • Entertainment Venues & Hospitality
  • Factories & Business Parks
  • Industrial Complexes
  • High Rise & Mulit-storey buildings

Why professional window cleaning equipment matters

What makes Realm PCS unique are the solutions we have for your window cleaning needs. We are proud to carry the highest quality tools on the market. Because we have invested in specialist equipment, we are able to reach previously inaccessible areas.  These areas may have been costly to clean, because of the difficult access solutions involved. As a result, many windows are neglected.

The “Reach and Wash” system is the safest, and most cost effective way to clean hard to reach windows. We use telescopic carbon fibre poles that eliminate the need for ladders, booms, scaffolding and costly rope access solutions in most cases. By using a purified water system, we wash your windows in an efficient, and also Eco friendly way.

Realm PCS are industry leaders in the use of water fed pole and purified water technology. Over the last decade, the advancement in carbon fibre production has let to major improvements in safety and efficiency when working at heights. Alongside access solutions, spot free window cleaning has been made possible by water purification equipment. As a company, Realm PCS have invested heavily in these systems and operate state of the art van mounted systems all over Melbourne and Victoria.

Our rope access team are ARAA & IRATA qualified technicians, able to clean your inaccessible windows via industrial abseiling. Realm PCS provide high rise window cleaning services across Melbourne and the suburbs. By working in conjunction with the Reach & Wash system, our high rise window washing quotes are competitive, and provide you with outstanding results.

For internal window cleans and traditional window cleaning jobs, we use advanced cleaning equipment like the Australian-designed ‘Wagtail Pivot’ articulated cleaning blade. These flexible cleaning tools allow us to reach into all corners and quickly wipe off water leaving the glass streak-free. By using the most efficient, and safest methods, our window cleaners ensure you get the cleanest windows possible at a great price!

How much does window cleaning cost?

Well that depends. Melbourne’s variety of architectural styles, high rise buildings, residential complexes and commercial properties are all unique. We have a comprehensive range of window cleaning methods that allow us to efficiently reach any window in the most cost effective manner. To provide you with an accurate quote, we just need to see your building and decide what you would like cleaned.  The final price depends on:

  • Access to your windows
  • The condition of the glass
  • The size of your home or building
  • The frequency of services

Whatever your window cleaning requirements, contact us for a free consultation or ask us for a free quote, and experience for yourself the Realm PCS service difference.

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