Domestic Window Cleaning

Your home is an architectural masterpiece, basking in the views of Melbourne’s Bayside and waterfront suburbs. Unfortunately, being Bayside or in Port Melbourne means your views are prone to staining from sea spray. And while your architect has designed for light and space, it means half of your windows are so inaccessible, they never get cleaned! But don’t despair. Realm provide a boutique domestic window cleaning service. Let us rescue the view, and make your architectural home shine.

Domestic Window Cleaning

As a boutique provider of domestic window cleaning services, we specialise in architectural homes and residences. If your home has expansive atrium glass, entrance-way windows, a multi storey design built to take in the view, or heritage window features with fragile glass and difficult frames – we provide the specialist window cleaning services you require. In fact, many of the homes we clean in the City of Bayside and Port Melbourne have architectural features that make cleaning difficult.

Utilising the latest in pure water technology and the Reach and Wash water-fed system, we can clean even the most inaccessible windows. Our system is 100% chemical free, using the power of pure ultra-filtered water to remove dirt, dust and grime. Better for you, and and better for the health of our bay. Your windows, balustrades and facades will be crystal clear and streak free.

Because there is no chemical residue – your windows stay cleaner for even longer. With regular maintenance, our pure ultra-filtered water will strip salt and other mineral deposits from the glass, leaving you with a crystal clear view. The Reach and Wash system is also perfect for cleaning architectural features. As a result, we can breath new life into cladding products such as Alucobond.

We have a decade of experience delivering outstanding results. Our staff are police checked, uniformed, friendly and courteous. Also, as providers of comprehensive cleaning solutions, we don’t just offer window cleaning services. We offer professional gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, high pressure cleaning of your driveways and footpaths, and facade cleaning. Let us wow you. Contact us for more information, or get a free quote now.