Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning – the Reach & WashⓇ System

Realm Property Cleaning Services are industry leaders in the use of water fed pole window cleaning and purified water technology. Over the last decade, the advancement in carbon fibre production has let to major improvements in safety and efficiency when working at heights. Alongside these developments in access solutions, spot free window cleaning has been made possible by water purification equipment. As a company, Realm PCS have invested heavily in these systems and operate state of the art van mounted systems all over Melbourne and Victoria.

5 Reasons you should be using the Reach & WashⓇ System



With the Reach & WashⓇ pure water system your windows can be cleaned from the safety of the ground. Telescopic water fed poles can reach and clean windows up to a height of 72ft (22m), without the need for scaffolding, ladders or complicated rope access systems.

Superior Clean

Our soft bristled brushes scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water rinse the window. With no impurities, windows dry to a spot-free finish, with no marks, and no chemical residue – meaning your windows stay cleaner… longer! Your frames, sills, and seals are also cleaned, leaving you with a superior clean.


Not only is the Reach & WashⓇ system safer, it is more efficient and cost-effective than other methods of working at height. Faster cleaning times and minimal setup and pack-up reduce time on site, providing you with cost savings.

Environmentally Friendly

The Reach & Wash® system uses no harsh chemicals, only pure water. The transport, storage and disposal of cleaning chemicals on site is a thing of the past. Clean your windows the safest and most environmentally friendly way.

More than just windows

The the Reach & WashⓇ system can handle more than just windows. Perfect for washing your building façade, awnings, alucobond panels, louvres, shade sails, and much more.

Reach & Wash – How it works

Not all water fed pole window cleaning systems are the same

Our ultra-filtered pure water is so pure, electricity doesn’t even pass through it. Melbourne window cleaners use a variety of methods to clean windows and at Realm we use a variety of systems to purify our water for cleaning. One of our favourites is the Ionics Thermopure. The system removes all impurities including bacteria and organics to make water 1000 times more pure than other purification methods. It’s hard to describe the difference even to the most seasoned window cleaning professional, but the power of water this pure to clean the dirtiest glass is industry leading. This is why we are streaks ahead (pardon the pun) when it comes to window cleaning Melbourne.

A pole is a pole right?

Another source of confusion is the early water fed poles, sometimes called tucker poles, were used with tap water and cleaning chemicals. The results were often disappointing. As a result, many building managers are wary of adopting these types of cleaning systems. Rest assured, the pure water Reach and Wash system is a completely different cleaning solution. So when comparing quotes, make sure your window cleaner is using the power of ultra-filtered pure water, with the latest carbon fibre telescopic poles.

Spots on my glass

We are sometimes told of poor results from water fed pole window cleaning. This is usually the result of operator error, or poor maintenance practices. When correctly rinsed, your glass will be free of impurities, streak and spot free. Our window cleaners carefully agitate the dirt using pure water and the soft nylon brush. They then rinse the window with ultra pure water, leaving your glass sparkling. Inexperienced and poorly trained operators can leave brush marks on the windows, or fail to rinse them effectively. In addition, pure water systems need regular maintenance. As a result of poor maintenance, the water quality may drop, leaving spots on your windows when it dries.  We take pride in our equipment and service delivery. As a result, we deliver a spot free finish, every time.

The Realm Difference

All our window cleaners are extensively trained on the Reach and Wash system. They take pride in providing crystal clear results, every time. We have invested heavily in the latest pure water technology, including van mounted systems such as the Ionics Thermopure. Our equipment is maintained at an industry leading level. As window cleaning specialists, we understand the importance of having the right tools for the job, and the right people for the work. As a result, we guarantee our work. Want to see it in action? Just contact us for a free consultation or get a quote for your next window clean.

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