Commercial Cleaning Services

Maintaining a healthy, clean and well presented workplace is a must for any commercial business today.  Your property showcases your brand and values from the moment your clients and staff walk in the door. In addition, creating healthy work spaces improves staff productivity and reduces the cost of sick days. By investing in high quality, professional commercial cleaning services, your business will reap long term benefits. When you are looking for a professional result, Realm Property Cleaning Services are your experts for commercial cleaning Melbourne.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Have you been searching for a professional cleaning service? One with a system of training and certification in place to ensure a quality job done every time? Are you looking for a company that actually handles all aspects of your project in house, without subcontracting those specialist tasks? Do you need professional cleaning services from a company that has developed a site management and safety co-ordination plan? Creates SWMS and ensures staff are involved in toolbox meetings for EVERY job?

Over the last decade, Realm PCS have developed the specific skills and systems required to deliver professional commercial cleaning services. We pride ourselves on the level of training and certification attained by our dedicated team. Safety is at the forefront of our work methods. Because of this, we are chosen time and again by property and facilities managers across the state for all their cleaning needs. As a company, we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We do this by providing reliable service and outstanding results every time.

Comprehensive commercial cleaning solutions

Realm Property Cleaning Services delivers a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services. ‘Going the extra mile’ is the mark of a business proud of its people and their work. We not only embrace this philosophy – it is embedded in our DNA. As a result, we have built an enviable reputation for the seamless way we deliver a wide range of general and specialised commercial cleaning services.

The size of your property will not affect the level of service we will provide. We cater for small businesses as well as large commercial complexes and offices. No matter what the job is, we stand by our service, and make sure that you are satisfied with every aspect of your clean.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We work across many industries and property types, applying our skills and experience to produce outstanding results.  For commercial properties, we are able to provide regular contract cleaning solutions. Because these solutions are tailored to each property, we have a broad range of cleaning experience. As a result, we have the equipment and expertise for many commercial buildings. Some of the commercial building types we have experience with include:

  • Office & Commercial Cleaning Melbourne
  • Lifestyle Precincts, Strata & Body Corporate Cleaning
  • Aged-care and Retirement Facilities Cleaning
  • Hospital & Medical Facility Cleaning
  • Education Cleaning
  • Entertainment Venue & Hospitality Cleaning
  • Factories and Business Park Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning

Customised for your property

Your business is unique, and we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ cleaning solution that fits your property. We also recognise the need for integrated cleaning solutions. Realm PCS offers you a single point of contact for all your commercial cleaning needs. We adopt a flexible and customised approach to your cleaning needs. Working with you, we develop a cleaning plan that is specific to your industry, your property and your cleaning needs. Not only are we a specialist commercial cleaning company, we are also industry leading window cleaners. As a result, we are able to provide the right advice for all your commercial cleaning needs.

Our commercial cleaning services include:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Facade Washing
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Cleaning of common areas
  • High level dusting cob web removal
  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning
  • Strip and Seal Hard Floors
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Regular Programmed Maintenance Services
  • Signage Cleaning
  • Cleaning Work Surfaces
  • Garden maintenance and upkeep

At a great price

We understand that as property and building managers, you face budget constraints and time pressures. Because we always listen to your requirements, and develop a customised plan for your property, we are able to deliver efficient cleaning services. As a company, we pride ourselves on competitive pricing, innovative solutions and outstanding service. Want to know just how competitive we are? Just ask us for a free quote.

One-off Commercial Cleaning Services

Alongside regular contract cleaning and programmed maintenance, Realm Property Cleaning Services provide one-off commercial cleaning services. Whether it is emergency intervention, the decision to move, or a series of events, we can provide cleaning solutions that meet your needs.

Entertainment Venue & Event Cleaning

As part of our comprehensive hospitality cleaning services, we provide entertainment venues, clubs & pubs with post event cleaning services. These one-off cleans can help you get your venue looking beautiful again, ready for your next event.

Preparing your property for Sale or Lease

Maximise your investment with a pre-sale or lease clean. It is important that your property leaves an impeccable first impression on potential buyers or tenants. Our highly experience staff have the skills and specialised equipment to make your property shine – inside and out. Window cleaning, steam cleaning the carpets and upholstery, washing down the walls, cleaning hard surfaces, and sprucing up the outside all make a huge difference. Most of all, our impeccable attention to detail will bring the best out of your investment, and ensure you get the best possible result.

End of Lease & Vacate Cleaning

The last thing you want to think about after months of planning, packing, and the excitement of moving to a new premises, is the staggering mess you left behind! Handball it to us. We will ensure your vacate cleaning obligations are met at a competitive price.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Benefits

As a business owner, facilities, or building manager, your time is valuable. Handling multiple contractor quotes while ensuring service delivery can be difficult, especially while managing costs. In addition, juggling multiple contractors, inductions, security, site keys and paperwork can add hours to your day. As a result, employing a commercial cleaning company that provides a tailored cleaning program will save you time, stress and money.

Even small businesses can benefit from a professional cleaning approach. As a business owner, you may choose to do your own cleaning of the business establishment. However, there are many benefits to hiring a company that specialises in commercial cleaning services. Even a small sized business can get extremely busy. This often means cleaning becomes almost an afterthought. In addition, regular janitorial and maintenance cleaning is time consuming. Cleaning is also often hard or difficult work. It is, however, important work. The upkeep of your property directly impacts the health and amenity of your staff and clients.

Requirements may vary from building to building, and we are able to handle the various requirements with expertise and professionalism. From small apartments, to multiple-storied buildings and complex lifestyle precincts, we have the right tools and products to do the job. Cleaning is our specialty. We know what to clean, how to clean it, and what products to use.

Why Choose Realm Property Cleaning Services?

We understand the impact a clean and safe environment has on the health and well being of all who live, work and play in it. From the mental clarity of a clean office space, to the lasting impact of pristine wild environments. As a result, we aim to deliver clean environments for healthy and productive lives.

What makes us different? We provide boutique, comprehensive property cleaning services. Because we offer cleaning services that are tailored to your unique needs, our prices are competitive. In addition, our staff training, SWMS, site safety evaluations, and equipment certification are industry leading.

For a hassle free, quality job done right the first time, contact the team at Realm PCS for a free quote on commercial cleaning Melbourne – we would love to work with you.

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